Saturday 28 October 2017

A Short Update

Hi all,

Yes, it has been a while since I had posted in this blog and I believe it shall be for a while to come as my responsibilities in my job has increased quite a bit.

So I have decided, for those who wish to continue to keep themselves updated with my portfolio movements may choose to do so by following the gadget I had added at the bottom of my blog. I used SGX cafe for my tracking and I feel it is a tremendously helpful software for average peeps like us looking to track our messy portfolios. It is highly recommended and I am definitely not going to be paid for promoting this. This comes from the bottom of my heart just like how this blog has stayed advertisement-free for all these months, and hopefully years.

The portfolio in SGX cafe will be updated regularly by me as I use it to track my messy portfolio. So it is the most latest update on my portfolio movements, for those who are interested.

Ok, I hope the best for everyone's adventure towards financial freedom, as well as a motivation for others to keep up the good work and push forth, we will get there! 


Dividend Simpleton

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