Sunday 31 May 2015

Portfolio Update - May 2015

*As of 31 May 2015

No. of Shares
Average Price (SGD)
Total Capital Invested (SGD)
Cash Reserves and Equivalents
Total SGD

Total Invested Capital = $0.00

Total Expected Dividends/month = $0.00

Average Dividend Yield = 0%

The month of May had been an unexpectedly eventful one, starting with the sale of Sembcorp Industries, for which reasons for doing so I have mentioned in an earlier post.

Noticeably, the large stake of Accordia Golf Trust has been liquidated, owing to the run up in share prices. I am still positive on AGT's potential, and I am ready to pounce on weaknesses in the share price in the next few months leading to the next distribution, likely to be announced in November. Till then, I am happy to have cash in my warchest, given the weaknesses in the STI of late. I have limited capital for investment, so every amount of cash in my warchest has to be put to use for maximum returns with a minimum invested period.

Thus, my motto for now is to be as nimble as possible, until I have accumulated enough capital for a longer term income investing purposes. What is the magic number then? Hmm, tentatively, I hope to achieve at least $150k before I can be comfortable to really invest into companies with greater fundamental potential. As of May 2015, I am about 1/3 the way there, and I hope to achieve the target by my 30th birthday. Till then, wish me luck!

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