Thursday 2 April 2015

My Portfolio - March 2015

I thought of sharing my current SGX portfolio, and of course disclaimers apply. Whatever I am putting up here is mainly for my own reference sake, and a means to keep track of my investments.

*As of 31 March 2015

No. of Shares
Average Price (SGD)
Total Capital Invested (SGD)
Accordia Golf Trust
Cache Logistics Trust
SembCorp Industries
Cash Reserves and Equivalents
Total SGD

Total Invested Capital = $31,245.28

Total Expected Dividends/month = $189.63

Average Dividend Yield = 7.28%

A large portion of my portfolio is invested in Accordia Golf Trust, which I had intended to accumulate in anticipation of the bumper payout this year, likely mid June. I am watching this counter, and if it continues to get cheaper, I am ready to pounce to average down my entry price.

Cache Logistics Trust had always been an on-off dividend play for me, and I intended to hold the stock right up the the reporting season, which is end of April. I may look to divest once it hits my target price. REITs are a bunch of yield plays which would likely be affected by the impending rise in interest rates this year. However, debt expiry for Cache Logistics Trust will not be until 2017, where the majority expires in 2018, so I feel a lot more comfortable holding Cache as compared to other industrial REITs in this volatile times.

The relatively small position I have with Sembcorp Industries (SCI) was a small step in investing into blue-chip companies with a good dividend yield and a sustainable form of passive income for me. SCI has about 50% of its revenue from the Marine sector, which is heavily dependent on the current oil market. Currently, oil prices have yet to consolidate clearly so I am much more comfortable with a smaller position as of now. I may consider adding small positions in the future if fundamentals and valuations becomes more compelling.

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