Thursday 9 April 2015

My Easter Trip, exactly 2 years ago..

Well, I had allowed Facebook to remind me of events that happened on the same date as today and it has been much to reminisce about these days. It just so happened that exactly 2 years ago, I was still Europe-trotting during the month long Easter break common to European universities. We as exchange students grabbed this opportunity to pick up our backpacks and head to the neighbouring countries which were all waiting to be discovered!

So the day was 9th of April 2013, I was in the last destination of my month long Easter trip, right in the heart of the Netherlands, Amsterdam!

Venice of the West

A Venice of the West, the only place in the world to legalise drugs, the red-light district, the land of the bicycles, the city which goes by so many names is such a unique destination I just could not afford to miss!

We stayed at this place called Lucky Lake Hostel, I had rigorously checked the reviews and prices of the accommodation using easy to use hostel booking websites like hostelworld and hostelbookers. My personal favourite was to use hostelbookers which I am more familiar with having previously made bookings with them as well as their no booking fee guarantee.

Lucky Lake Hostel

And so we finally got to our very own cabin/caravan, which was so cool because it was a step outside the conventional norm of hostels being a boring old building with simple dorms of decker beds.

Our cute pink cabin

And here is what is inside, a comfortable cosy little room for us to stay in for the next 2 days!

Our cosy corner

After taking some time to relax our tired legs in the room and overcoming the huge inertia to get out of out comfy room, we finally went back into the city after paying 2 euros for the private van which goes out from our hostel once arranged with the reception. And yes, the only drawback of Lucky Lake Hostel was that it was located quite a distance away from the Amsterdam city centre. But it wasn't as bad as it seemed for us as we would soon find out in the next few days there.

Outside the Anne Frank Museum

The first stop we went to was the Anne Frank Musuem, yeah how can we miss this monumental piece of history here, also the fact that my buddy and I are history buffs, missing this would be like missing our breakfasts..

Wow, not dark at 8pm!!
We kind of lost track of time as we went from place to place until we came to this clock tower which told us it was already 8pm. YES, we could not believe 8pm could ever be this bright. Call us a frog in a well or "sua ku" (mountain tortoise), but growing up in Singapore, we had never experienced daylight at 8pm. This is why we can so easily lose track of time here, but sure enough it eventually got darker and it was time to go back.

And that wrapped up the first day in Amsterdam, well I actually have more pictures, but the other days were mainly spent on free tours, shopping and eating. After looking through, I realised the best pictures came from day 1. (:

They say money can't buy you happiness, but it just amazing money can buy you such vivid experiences to last a lifetime!

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