Saturday 25 April 2015

How to better organise your life? (Part I)

Sometimes life can be full of first world problems, thankfully most of them not major. But sometimes a messy or cluttered space or room can get into our heads. And doing simple things may turn out to be extremely inefficient.

Have you ever thought about making your life easier by making the simplest of all changes to your way of life?


The simple life hacks I am going to share with you might make your day!

1) Protect those hands while holding the nail steady!!!

2) Want your personal butler? You’ve got it!

3) OR you could try this instead.

4) Extension plugs disconnecting on their own?

Now they wont!

5) Forget what to buy for your groceries? 

Now you wont! Take a picture of your fridge!

6) Stop that spill! Now you can enjoy your ice cream without getting your hands dirty! 

7) In-built speaker too soft? Use this for sound amplification!

8) Put a wooden spoon to prevent water from boiling over! 

Try it!

9) Look simple enough, but don’t underestimate the power of toilet rolls!! It really saves you the trouble of entangled wires! 

10) Use frozen grapes to keep your drinks chilled without the dilution from using ice cubes!

Today I have given you 10 life hacks we could use in our everyday lives. In Part 2 (below link), I will share with you more other life hacks, till then!

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