Friday 8 March 2013

Introducing Me

Hi guys,

This will be my first post ever in my entire life. Yes, that's right, I have never blogged before and now I looking for a place to fill my thoughts about almost everything. Blogging looks like a good way to go!

Basically, I am a 23 year old Singaporean guy looking to share his thoughts with the world. Right now, as I type this out, I am doing a Student Exchange Programme (SEP) with the University of Glasgow, leaving 3 years of my NUS university crazy rat race behind for a semester.

Well, the University of Glasgow is a nice place. Really different in terms of culture and work ethics. I would always respond with a "Welcome to UK" whenever my fellow exchange mates lament about how disorganised and procrastinating the locals are. Not trying to sound critical here, but one way to look it is probably maybe Singapore is just way to efficient and fast paced and we are still trying to come into gripes with the way of life for people here.

Right now, the semester is coming to an end here in Glasgow. And NUS is barely coming back from the recess week. After 2 more weeks, it would be the super long Easter holidays and study breaks for us to study for our exams in May. Not that I am going to study much though, hahaha

I mean we come to SEP to have fun right, to live life to the fullest. It is a perfect opportunity to have the last fun, other than the grad trip, before we step out into the working world and live boring 9-5 lives in the rat race.

I wondered, the winners of this rat race, who could they be? Maybe they could be the strongest rats, the fittest who manage to get ahead of the others. The ones who succeed in the working world. And we can think of CEOs, big high flying bankers, doctors, lawyers and businessmen.

Or are they winners? Winners cannot be determined until the race is over. Yet the rat race never ends. It goes on even when you become ahead of the pack. You will have to keep going if not the others will catch up.

Do we need to be these to get ahead? After all, our lives are short and we spend so much of our lives spending time to chase such riches that we lose sight of what we want to do with our life before it ends not so long after.

I will talk about the most inspiring talk I recently come across which made me think carefully about my priorities of my life. Well maybe in the next post haha

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